Please remember the young folk of SOYA, particularly at this time of sadness and constraint for us all. Evelyn is still very happy to collect any donations of food and toiletries, either from Margaret Forisky, Myra Macpherson or by calling Evelyn on 202642 to collect.  However, if you are worried about personal contact please be […]

Strathbrock Family Facebook Group

A new Facebook page, “strathbrockchurchfamily” has been set up.  It is a group for members or those with a connection to Strathbrock Parish Church to share news, highlight events, say thanks, ask for help, spread a little joy, and just help us to connect with each other. It is an open page so anyone can view […]

Ancre Somme Association

: Ancre Somme Association hope to install a memorial to all animals lost in wars  and would like purple poppies to be knitted. Patterns are on Youtube and the deadline is August. With planning permission the memorial will be at bottom of Ecclesmachan Road. Further details from Mary Watson or Myra Macpherson.

Christian Aid Kiltwalk 2021 – 23-25 April

Christian Aid Kiltwalk 2021 – 23-25 April: Climate change forces people to walk further and further to escape drought, famine and flooding. Together, we can journey towards justice. If your boots are made for walking, join us on the virtual Kiltwalk. You can take on any Kiltwalk-inspired challenge you wish. Go for a walk (of any length), […]

Travelling Well Bible Study

Travelling Well is the name given to small groups of individuals who are at various stages along their journey of faith. They meet for bible study, usually a series of 8-10 weeks at a time. If you are interested in joining such a group, you can find out more from Rachel Shepherd on 01506 855293.

BUSY Quiz-night Fundraiser

The BUSY-project is hosting a Quiz-night Fundraiser on the evening of 16 April at 7.30pm on Zoom. Please log in to Zoom, and enter the Meeting ID: 832 1402 4737 and then the Password: 385932. Donations can be made at

Pastoral Visits

If anyone is ill, or for any other reason you think they would appreciate a visit, please put their name in the care folder or inform the Pastoral Care Group, via Wilma Gilchrist on 01506 858035. Please continue to inform the Office of anyone ill or in hospital.