Notices for Sunday 22 August 2021


From Monday 16 August onwards there will be no need to book a place in church, as we will move to 1m-distancing inside the church building and our maximum capacity will change to 80 people. However, we still need to wear face coverings for the entire service; hand sanitisers will be available at the door and a duty elder will show you where to sit, as the inside of the church has been prepared with signs and markers of where to sit (which may mean that you won’t be able to sit in your usual spot) and which doors and exits to use. We are allowed to sing wearing face coverings. The service will also be recorded for those who will not be able to be in church, and will be made available on Youtube, Facebook and the website, by a Sunday evening. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Hanneke on 01506 206045 or or your district elder, and we would be happy to assist you with any questions or queries.

Prayer for this week:Loving God as we come to you in prayer we ask: May we make wise choices, O God. May we choose life over selfishness. May we choose hope over comfort. May we choose justice over complacency. May we choose you over all other things. May we choose to speak when others are silent. May we choose love over greed. May we choose grace over power. May we choose forgiveness over grudges. May we choose you over all other things. Because you choose us to be yours always and forever. Amen (From Church of Scotland Weekly Worship – 15 August)

Intimations for this week:

Kirk Session Conference: On Saturday 28 August between 10am-2pm a Kirk Session Conference will be held. More details will follow.

Prayer Cross: As the prayer cross (see attachment) resumes monthly on the 1st Sunday of the month, please use the topics as a guide for prayer throughout the month.

Kay Symington wishes to thank the Church family for all the Get Well cards, phone calls, chocolates and prayers which were received when she was in hospital and at home.

Kay says “I am glad to say I am  much better now but cannot thank everyone enough for their kindness.”

Global Voice of Prayer: Saturday 28th August 2021 –  Global Voice of Prayer is a united prayer, worship and mission movement which seeks to connect believers worldwide in praying the things that are on God’s heart.  28th August rounds off a 90 day prayer initiative with the following suggestions focusing on hope.

  1.  Pray for friends, family, community, nation and world to know the hope of Jesus.
  2.  Care for people in the community who are lonely or in need to give them hope.
  3.  Share your hope story and the good news that Jesus saves.

For further information see – and we needn’t wait until 28th August to begin.

The Walking Group: The next walking Group walk will be Saturday 4 September. Please meet us at the Strathbrock Church Hall at 9.30am. We are out for normally approximately a couple of hours and sometimes take a break when and if we find somewhere for refreshment (a tea/coffee mind and bring a face mask just in case we are indoors for this).

The Guild: The Guild Annual Gathering is on Saturday 4th September and will now take place in the Assembly Hall with a limit of 250 attending.  Jane Taylor, our National Council representative and myself will attend on behalf of West Lothian Guilds Together. The event will be streamed as before, further details will be given when available.

It is now looking very hopeful that we will restart Strathbrock Guild on Tuesday 14th September at 2.30pm.  Hanneke will be our speaker and we will enjoy Communion together. Further details and Syllabus will follow. If you need any more information, please contact Wilma Gilchrist at

Service Recordings: Now that we have the system up and operating, we have to look to the longer term. At the moment, the presentation and recording are operated by Wilson Smith and Harry Macpherson. It would be good to have some backup in the form of more volunteers. There may be some Sundays when Wilson and/or Harry cannot attend. If you would like to help with monitor presentation or the filming, please get in touch with Harry (01506 853215). “Training”, of course, will be provided. Most folk can use a computer and the filming is easily picked up.

Prayer Chain: The prayer chain is available for urgent requests which are treated in strictest confidence. Please phone Sheena Carroll 01506 854458.

Travelling Well Bible Study: This will restart in September and will be intimated nearer the time.

Daily Bible Reading Notes: Are you interested in using Daily Bible Reading Notes to help you in your daily walk with Christ? At present several of our church members receive a copy of Every Day with Jesus which is produced by Waverley Abbey Resources. Each issue has daily readings for two months, with a reflection on each reading and other related readings for further study if you wish. Each issue costs £3.49 and the notes come in large print which most of us find useful. If you are interested, we have several back copies which we can let you see so that you can decide if you would like to take the notes. The first opportunity to get them would now be for the September/October edition. We will be delighted to order and distribute copies for all who wish them. Please contact Mary Swarbrick on or tel. 01506 856143 and I will glad to add you to the order list or arrange for you to see a copy.

Foodbank: There is an urgent need for tinned potatoes, tinned cold meat, jars of baby food, Domestos, disinfectant, wet dog food and U.H.T. Can you help?

Manse Phone Number: The Strathbrock Manse has a telephone number: 01506 206045, if you need to contact Hanneke.

Contact information:

Office: Church Hall, 58 Thomson Court, Uphall EH52 6BY

Tel: 01506 856433


online: ‘Strathbrock Parish Church’

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