Notices for Sunday 26 December 2021


This is the last newsletter for 2021. The next newsletter for the new year will be sent out on Thursday 6 January 2022. This newsletter contains the information for the church service of 26 December 2021 at 10.30am. This will be a recorded service and made available to watch on the Strathbrock Parish Church Youtube Channel and Strathbrock Facebook page. Please search for ‘Strathbrock 26 December 2021’ in the Youtube search bar.

For Christmas Day Service and all following services into the new year:

Due to the new Covid-19 guidance for places of worship, we are urged to suggest that anyone attending a worship service in the church buildings should do a lateral flow test before coming to church. We still need to wear face coverings for the entire service; hand sanitisers will be available at the door which must be used, and a duty elder will show you where to sit, as the inside of the church has been prepared with signs and markers of where to sit (which may mean that you won’t be able to sit in your usual spot) and which doors and exits to use. We are allowed to sing wearing face coverings. Extra caution should be given to allow enough space between people, so we would please ask you to remain in your seat, except if you need to use the toilet. At the end of the service, we will be guided out the door, block-by-block so as not to overcrowd the exit. The service will also be recorded for those who will not be able to be in church, and will be made available on Youtube, Facebook and the website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Hanneke on 01506 206045 or or your district elder, and we would be happy to assist you with any questions or queries.

Advent Prayer:

Living God, You call us, in readiness for the coming of Jesus, to look to ourselves, that we might be properly prepared for Christ in our lives. As we wait for Christ to come again, prepare in our hearts space for all our fellow human beings to look on them as you look on us – with love and acceptance, grace and forgiveness. Amen.

BUSY Prayer Points:

That we would stay close to God and his plans for BUSY, as he says ‘Remain in me, and I will remain in you.

Intimations for this week:

Watchnight/Christmas Day services: This year Watchnight and Christmas Day services will be a joint venture between Uphall South Church and Strathbrock. The Watchnight service will be hosted by Uphall South Church on 24th December at 11.15pm on Zoom – The code for the meeting is (Meeting ID: 927 3053 5797 and Passcode: 072160). A Christmas Day Worship service will take place in St. Nicholas Church at 10.30am. All are welcome!

Christmas Offerings: This year a retiral offering will be held on Christmas Day for two charities: The BUSY Project and Tearfund. Both these charities also have online donation facilities. If you wish to donate to either, please follow the links to their online donation pages:

The Busy Project:


Sunday 26 December: There will be no worship service in St. Nicholas Church on Sunday 26 December. A recorded service will be made available to watch on Youtube, Facebook and the Church Website. This is because we will be in church on the Saturday for the Christmas Day service.

Communion: Sunday 2 January 2022 will be our next Communion service.

Church Services in St. Nicholas: Sunday worship services in St. Nicholas Church, Uphall on Sundays 2 (Communion), 9, 16, 23 and 30 January 2022.

Strathbrock Christmas Post:  This year we have sorted and delivered over 1250 cards.  We have raised £376.75 for sharing between Tearfund and BUSY.

Thank to all the stamp sellers, the card collectors, the sorters, and the deliverers.  A great job well done. You will undoubtedly be kept on for next year!

Wednesday Prayer Meeting:

Please note there will be no meetings on 22 or 29 December or 5 January, i.e. next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 12 January 2022.

General cards: A new stock has been delivered.  Please contact Myra (853215). Delivery can be arranged.

Prayer Cross: Issued monthly on the 1st Sunday of the month (see attachment). Please use the topics as a guide for prayer throughout the month. If you have difficulty accessing the cross, please contact the office. There are printed copies of the prayer cross available in church today.

Prayer Chain: The prayer chain is available for urgent requests which are treated in strictest confidence. Please phone Sheena Carroll 01506 854458.

Manse Phone Number: The Strathbrock Manse has a telephone number: 01506 206045, if you need to contact Hanneke.

Contact information:

Office: Church Hall, 58 Thomson Court, Uphall EH52 6BY

Tel: 01506 856433


online: ‘Strathbrock Parish Church’

STRATHBROCK PARISH CHURCH is registered charity SC006336