Notices for Sunday 5 September 2021


This is the information for the church service of 5 September 2021 at 10.30am in St. Nicholas Church, Uphall and important intimations. There will be no need to book a place in church, as we will move to 1m-distancing inside the church building and our maximum capacity will change to 80 people. However, we still need to wear face coverings for the entire service; hand sanitisers will be available at the door and a duty elder will show you where to sit, as the inside of the church has been prepared with signs and markers of where to sit (which may mean that you won’t be able to sit in your usual spot) and which doors and exits to use. We are allowed to sing wearing face coverings. The service will also be recorded for those who will not be able to be in church, and will be made available on Youtube, Facebook and the website, by a Sunday evening. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Hanneke on 01506 206045 or or your district elder, and we would be happy to assist you with any questions or queries.

B.U.S.Y. Weekly prayer points

Week 2 :   That BUSY volunteers would continue to have meaningful conversations with young people about life, God and faith.

Week 3 :   That BUSY would be able to resume some of its in-school programme after a year of being away, and would have enough people to lead in-school sessions.

Week 4 :   That God would be glorified in all that we do, and we would continue to plan and deliver youth work that blesses our local young people.

Intimations for this week:

The Guild: Dedication service will be held in St Nicholas on Sunday 12 September.

Prayer Cross: As the prayer cross (see here) resumes monthly on the 1st Sunday of the month, please use the topics as a guide for prayer throughout the month.

Prayer Chain: The prayer chain is available for urgent requests which are treated in strictest confidence. Please phone Sheena Carroll 01506 854458.

Tuesday House Group: This begins on 21 September at 2pm at 3 Burnhouse Drive Dechmont.  We are studying ‘Names of God’.

Flower Ministry: We continue to send and take flowers to those who are ill, bereaved, lonely or having a special celebration etc.  If you wish to donate to this, please contact Alison Redmond (01506500080) or Dinah MacDonald (01506855524).

Travelling Well Bible Study: This will restart in September and will be intimated nearer the time.

Foodbank: There is an urgent need for tinned potatoes, tinned cold meat, jars of baby food, Domestos, disinfectant, wet dog food and U.H.T. Can you help?

Manse Phone Number: The Strathbrock Manse has a telephone number: 01506 206045, if you need to contact Hanneke.

Contact information:

Office: Church Hall, 58 Thomson Court, Uphall EH52 6BY

Tel: 01506 856433


online: ‘Strathbrock Parish Church’

STRATHBROCK PARISH CHURCH is registered charity SC006336