Strathbrock Family Facebook Group

A new Facebook page, “strathbrockchurchfamily” has been set up.  It is a group for members or those with a connection to Strathbrock Parish Church to share news, highlight events, say thanks, ask for help, spread a little joy, and just help us to connect with each other.

It is an open page so anyone can view the page but only members can post things. If you would like to be a member simply go to your Facebook page and click on the Group button in the bar at the top of your page. This will open up a Group page which has a search box in the top left corner. Type in “strathbrockchurchfamily” and the page should be top of the list. Click on our group and when the page opens up click the Join Group button. To limit those with a genuine interest in our church you will be asked a simple question along with your request to join. Any problems contact